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Welcome to our coaching sign up page. You can select the level of coaching you want to receive during 2017. After you have signed up and paid the registration fee through Pay Pal, on our secure server, we will send you an application so we know who you are and where you are coming from.

Please include your cell phone or land line phone so we can contact you directly. We will be in touch with you giving you a PASSWORD for access to our coaching area.

Remember you can sign up for as little as...

  • a HALF YEAR of coaching (3 retreats and limited coaching),
  • a FULL YEAR of coaching (6 retreats and unlimited coaching) or
  • an INTENSE COACHING YEAR with monthly retreats and one of them will be at the Billy Graham Training Center in Ashville, NC. (travel not included)

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INTENSE COACHING YEAR $2,500 with 12 monthly retreats, full coaching one-on-one access, and one of them will be at the Billy Graham Training Center in Ashville, NC. (travel not included)

FULL YEAR of coaching $1,000 (6 retreats and unlimited coaching and access to online resources)

HALF YEAR of coaching $500 (3 Spring Retreats (March, April, May) Prayer, Vision, Strategy, and limited coaching)

HALF YEAR of coaching $500 (3 Fall Retreats (August, September, November) Preaching, Writing, Shepherding and limited coaching)

The retreats begin on Monday 12:00 p.m. through Wednesday noon. It is a chance to slow down and fellowship, and includes two overnight stays with meals and lodging at the Castle. Monday is a day of coaching lectures, dialog, and practical exercises that will help you RE-START your ministry. Tuesday is a time of personal prayer, assimilation, planning and restructuring your disciplines and ministry plans. Wednesday morning is for finalizing your disciplines and strategies, and sharing your plans and the changes you will make in your ministry. We have found that two days and nights gives us room to think, pray, plan, discuss and make plans to put the teaching into practice. The ideal size of this cohort (Band of Brothers) is between 5-10 men. This gives us opportunity to get to know each other and for one-on-one coaching.

Cohort 1: Building a Foundation to Succeed (Spring Sessions)
1. The Pastor as a Man of Prayer - March 27-29
2. The Pastor as a Visionary - April 24-26
3. The Pastor as a Strategic Planner - May 15-17

Cohort 2: Building Your Ministry Skill Set (Fall Sessions)
4. The Pastor as a Preacher - August 21-23 (follow-up on vision & strategy)
5. The Pastor as a Writer - September 25-27 (follow-up on vision & strategy)
6. The Pastor as a Shepherd - November 6-8 (follow-up on vision & strategy)

We cover six basic areas of ministry disciplines
1) Praying Fervently
2) Getting a Clear Vision
3) Planning Strategically
4) Preaching Powerfully
5) Writing Effectively
6) Shepherding Compassionately

(Both Cohorts paid in advance is $1,000)


  • Monday Morning Quarterback: Weekly you will receive a call from your coach to check in and check up.
  • Vision Quest: You will articulate the vision God has put in your heart and be able to "cast" it to your church.
  • Strategic Planning: You will develop a plan for ministry based on your vision. You will set goals, strategies and an action plan for your daily work.
  • Sermon Reviews: Your coach will choose six of your sermons to review. You will not know when or which sermon will be reviewed.
  • Unlimited Access: You will have access to your coach via web site, email, texting, and cell phone.
  • Prayer Assignments: You will have a weekly prayer and confidentiality partner and you will maintain a regular prayer schedule that you design.

This ongoing coaching and training is available for a one-time fee of $1,000 which covers one year of coaching and all six retreats meals, lodging and materials.

If you choose to do only one of the Cohorts, spring or fall, it costs $500 with limited coaching. All fees are non-refundable.

It is payable one month in advance of the first retreat. You can choose to pay through our secure online transactions through Pay Pal, or you can choose to send a check. Make it payable to...

Richard LaFountain
1394 South Center Street Ext
Grove City, PA 16127