Seminar 3
The Land of Palestine

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    Seminar 3
    Land of Palestine

    To properly understand the life of Jesus we must have a good understanding of the land in which Jesus lived. We will study the geography of the region, mountains, rivers, cities, provinces, political rulers, etc. This study will help your preaching and teaching come to life as you retrace and envision the very footsteps that Jesus walked. Eight lessons.

    Why in the world would anyone want to spend an entire semester studying the geography of Palestine? Most people hate geography. Geography for the average person tends to be dry and interesting. It's a science of cold, hard facts. Yet for the Bible student who wants to become a able teacher of God's Word it is a must to understand the locations where Jesus walked. It will help you to "flesh-out" a sermon or Bible study with visual images that will draw your listeners into the Life of Christ.