Practical Ministries

Deacon Job Description (sample)

The qualifications for deacon shall be in accordance with I Timothy 3 and Acts 6. They shall be equal in number to the elders. They shall recommend the name of a head deacon chosen from among themselves prior to the first regularly scheduled governing board meeting following the annual business meeting. The recommended head deacon must then be appointed by the governing board.

The deacons’ specific tasks shall be:

a. To oversee the benevolent ministries of the church.
b. To oversee the usher ministry.
c. To oversee the greeter ministry.
d. To oversee the sound board under the direction of the music committee.
e. To oversee the van ministry.
f. To assist the elders in the visitation of shut-ins and shepherding oversight.
g. To assist the elders and pastor in communion and baptismal services.

Suggestions for implementation:

a. Deacons shall meet together monthly to discuss their work.
b. Deacons shall report quarterly to the governing board.
c. Deacons shall designate heads of each ministry so to spread the responsibilities to all. (Benevolent, Usher, Greeter, Sound, Van, etc.)
d. Deacons shall suggest to the governing board names of those to be "appointed" as assistant deacons.
e. Deacons shall be on the look-out for neglected ministry areas of the church family and make recommendations to the governing board for ministry improvement.
f. Deacons shall work with the pastor in ministries of benevolence and counseling referrals.

Deacon Assignments

Head Deacon __________________ (chair, benevolent coordinator)

Greeters __________________ (oversees or coordinate the greeter ministry)

Ushers __________________ (oversees or coordinate the usher ministry)

Sound __________________ (oversee or coordinate sound ministry)

Van __________________ (oversee or coordinate van ministry)