Elder Skills & Duties

Now that we have done the preliminary study of what the Word of God has to say about eldership we must ask ourselves what it all means, and how to apply these truths to the ministry of elder within the 21st Century church. What is important to God?

Character & Disciplines

Be an example
Be an example of good
Be example to flock
Be strong in grace
Be impartial
Be sound in speech
Be prepared always
Be Sober/Self-controlled
Be Vigilant/alert
Be eager to serve
Be of a willing mind
Be sound in speech
Serve with humility of mind
Kept back nothing profitable
Keep a clear conscience
Keep self pure
Hold onto your faith
Exercise godliness
Neglect not gift
Flee covetousness
Flee sexual temptations
Endure hardness
Endure afflictions
Suffer quietly
Strive for mastery
Pursue righteousness/holiness
Guard your trust
Don't be resentful
Practice what you preach
Let no man despise you
Show integrity
Devote self to do good
Keep your head
Live godly
Take heed to self
Pure of the blood of all men
Discharge your duties
Hold firmly the message

People Skills

Visit fatherless, widows
Take heed to flock
Protect from wolves
Keep women in place
Appoint godly elders
Appoint godly deacons
Rebuke not elderly
Don't quickly accuse elders
Publicly rebuke elders in sin
Don't lay hands on suddenly
Rebuke them sharply
Honor widows 60+
Warn the rich to give
Let elders get paid
Be kind to everyone
Gently instruct
Mentor other men
Appoint elders
Encourage young men
Warn divisive people
Discipline the stubborn
Avoid arguments
Be shepherds
Care for flock
Not as lords
Feed flock of God
Protect from wolves
Let no one despise you
Teach servants to love master
Remind men
Don't quarrel
Watch for you souls

Word Skills

Warn them to be sound
Don't listen to fables, etc
Suffer reproach
Point out end times
Devote to public reading
Know Scriptures
Keep sound teaching
Warn about quarreling
Study - do your best
Correctly handle Word
Avoid godless chatter
Be able to teach
Preach word
Do evangelism
Hold firmly the message
Refute opposition
Avoid foolish things
Teach sound doctrine
Encourage w/ authority
Rebuke with authority
Stress these things
Teach publicly / house to house
Declare repentance and faith
Declare whole counsel of God
Teach slaves
Teach older men
Teach older women
Feed flock
Prayer Disciplines

War a good warfare
Fight the fight of faith
Intercede for all men
Pray for sick
Anoint sick
Cast your care on Him
Resist the devil
Pray night/day with tears
Stand firm in faith

Administration Work
Authority over