Introduction to the
Internet Classroom

Online Biblical Seminars program is an Internet based classroom for Biblical and Theological Seminars. It's purpose is to train laypersons from all over the world, and from all walks of life, in one virtual web classroom.

Members of the web classroom will study together over the World Wide Web using email, the Internet, and modern technologies to discover the Word of God. Each student will be able to access the professor personally, to ask or answer questions or make comments, and they may contact any other student in the classroom to discuss materials or share ideas.

Each student will visit the Web Classroom presentation each week at his leasure anytime, day or night. The OBS lecture will be available on the Web each week. Reading assignments, quizzes, written assignments, tests, and final exams will be given and submitted over the Internet.

The student will have the benefit of studying from his/her home or office and still enjoy the wisdom of many men of God. Also it will afford each student the opportunity to get to know classmates from all over the world. It is a classroom without walls, countries, or the limits of time and space. We welcome you to participate.

An In-Church Cyber Classroom

We suggest that you consider making it a part of your Sunday School Curriculum, or Cell Group Ministry, as an in-depth bible study program. Students can study the lectures on the Internet during the week and gather together in real life classroom.