Course Procedures

  1. Lectures: A new lecture will be posted on the Web Page each week Please print them out and keep them in a notebook. The size of the lecture material will depend on the extent of the topic being covered.
  2. Reading Assignments: Each lesson will have required outside reading usually from Edersheim, or from other web resources. These readings will help your online discussions.
  3. Discussion Topics: A suggested subject for discussion will accompany each lesson. Each student should send his discussion to the proper e-mail address so everyone reads the mail on this automated mailing list. (For private conversations among students or professors, use their private e-mail address.)
  4. What To Know: Each lesson will conclude with "What you must know." Study these materials carefully. Be sure you have a good handle on the material before taking the weekly quiz.
  5. Weekly Quiz: A multiple choice quiz will be given at the end of each weekly lesson (posted on Friday must be returned by Saturday p.m.). The final Exam for the series of lessons (usually 8 lessons) will follow the completion of the course materials.
  6. Study paper: A study paper of three typewritten pages is due on any one of the suggested topics. You may select your own topic with the professor's permission. This is an independent study and should reflect your research, thought and biblical insights. It must be submited in ASCII (text) format, not in your word processor format. (Minimum of 3 ASCII (text) typed pages.) All papers will be posted on the Web site for all the students to enjoy.
  7. Prayer Requests: We are not interested in Aunt Sue's bunion. Please keep the weekly requests to personal matters. (i.e. Pray for me as I go for psychiatric tests this week.) (i.e. Pray for my wife who is having severe headaches.) (i.e. Pray for us as we try to witness to our neighbors.) Please sign ALL E-MAIL correspondence so we know who is writing.
  8. Books: Outside reading will be assigned each week. Usually the material can be found in its entirety on the Web. From time to time we will include a bibliography of suggested books on a particular subject. These books are not required reading, however we strongly encourage you to invest books to build a good personal library. They will serve you well as resources throughout your life and ministry.
  9. Grades: Grades will be based on weekly test scores, discussion participation, study papers, and the final exam. The grading system will be:

    A = 4:00 100 to 91
    B = 3.00 90 to 81
    C = 2:00 80 to 71
    D = 1:00 70-61
    F = 00 below 60

    This is an experimental course. Be patient, we are all learning to use this medium. Any ideas and suggestions to make it better are always appreciated.