Member Requirements

Sign Up as soon as you have decided that you can spend 8 weeks studying the Word in the comfort and convenience of your home.You will be notified by e-mail when you are accepted.

E-Mail Account: Every student must have a computer and access to the Internet. Every student will open and e-mail account. All provide private and secure e-mail accounts at no charge which allow you to send and receive messages from any computer connected to the Internet.

Personal Profile: Once you are registered you need to send us a Personal Profile so we know a little about you, your family, your church, your job, etc.

Brief Testimony: Then you need to send us a brief testimony sharing how you came to receive Jesus Christ as your personal Savior.

Classroom Tools: Next you need to get familiar with the Classroom Tools so you are sure that everything works on your computer.

A Picture: Lastly, you should send us a picture of yourself. Have someone scan one or ask someone to take a digital picture of you, then send it by to us by e-mail. We will post it on the private area for members only.

Chat Icons: If you don't have a picture or don't want anyone to see the "real you," then you can choose an any icon instead.

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