Puppet Ministry with Noah's Ark
by Richard W. LaFountain, all rights reserved.

"Sin Spots"

copywrite Richard W. LaFountain, all rights reserved.
   MC: Master of Ceremonies
   Puppet: Any puppet will do

This skit requires more puppets than most. You will need 
several other characters from the ark, preferably animal puppets.

MC: Good morning Mrs Noah!

PUPPET: (Shows up with a handkerchief and crying)

MC: Mrs Noah why are you crying? What happened?

MN: Oh, it's terrible. Today is Milton's birthday. I made a special
cake for him and left it in the refrigerator last night... (Sobs and

MC: OK, go on. What happened?

MN: Well, when I got up this morning only to find that someone ate the
cake! (boo hoo, cries some more)

MC: What a sad story. Who could do such a thing? That's stealing! You
have been robbed. Why don't we act like detectives and investigate
this crime to discover who stole the birthday cake?

MN: Good idea!  I think it was one of the animals in the ark. Let's
call a few of the suspects and interrogate them!

MC: OK, who shall we call first?

MN: Let's call "Rat Fink" - he is always stealing things around here.
(They call him. Then ask if he ate the cake. He denies it. They smell
his breath and it smells like cheeze. He admits he was gnawing into
the cheeze cupboard last night but didn't have any cake.)

MN: Let's call Mr. Animal. (They call him and ask him if he ate the
cake. He denies it and says that he was eating road kill last night
and didn't get back until early this morning.)

MN: Let's call Mr. Worm. (They do the same thing. He was eating dirt
but had no cake on his breath.)

MN: Let's call Mr. Bear. (They call and ask him where he was and what
he ate and smell his breath. It smells like honey - not cake.)

MC: Well, Mrs Noah, what are we going to do? It seems like everyone
has a good alibi and no one was into the cake. I guess we are just
going to have to call Milton and apologize to him for not having a
birthday cake. I'm sure he will understand.

MN: But I'm so embarrassed!  I don't know what to do.

MC: Well, whenever I don't know what to do I ask God to help me. Why
don't we ask the Lord to help us and show us who stole the cake. OK?
(So they bow their heads and ask for God's help and wisdom.)

MC: OK let's call Milton and tell him the bad news. Oh, Milton! Milton
can you come up here for a minute?

Milton: (Singing in the background - "Happy Birthday to me, happy
birthday to me..." Suddenly he appears covered with icing from the
cake (Use shaving cream to look like icing) And singing "Happy
Birthday to me, happy birthday to me..."

MN: (Shouts furiously) MILTON!!! It was you who stole the cake! You
dirty, no good rat, you sneak, you cheat, you thief, you bum - I'm
gonna get you and teach you a lesson!!!! (She chases him off stage)

MC: Well, now it was Milto the birthday boy himself that ate the cake.
But he was found out, wasn't he? How did he get found out?  That's
right - the evidence was all over his face!

That reminds me boys and girls of what the Bible says about sin: "Be
sure your sins will find you out." Numbers 32:23.  We can never hide
our sin from God. He always finds out. He sees everything and knows
everything. So I hope you will remember that when you are tempted to
do something you know is wrong. Remember God is watching and your sin
will find you out.


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