Puppet Ministry with Noah's Ark
by Richard W. LaFountain, all rights reserved.

Christmas Skit
"Self-Centered Christmas"

copywrite Richard W. LaFountain, all rights reserved.

Comments: You will need three puppets besides Mrs. Noah. 

1) A puppet dressed up like Santa Claus.
2) Another dressed up like a Christmas Tree.
3) Yet another looking like a Bell.

MC: Mrs Noah! Can you come out and chat with us today?

Puppet: Good morning MC (whatever the MC's name is) I'm in a hurry. I
don't have much time to talk. I have so much to do preparing the Ark
for Christmas.

MC: OK, I just wondered if you brought any friends for us to meet
today? If you did Mrs Noah, they you can just go right back to
cleaning the Ark while we talk with them. OK?

Puppet: What do you want to talk to them about? You aren't going to
talk behind my back are you?

MC: No, nothing like that. That wouldn't be nice. Its just that our
subject today has been how to become a NEW PERSON this Christmas like
we saw in our story. (Story is about Abigail the Inn Keepers
hyperactive daughter who meets Jesus and her life is changed.)

Puppet: OK, that sounds like it will be alright. I do have some
animals in the Ark that have really changed themselves for the
Christmas season. Excuse me while I call them. (She leaves shouting
their names and asking them to go out and talk to the MC.)

=========== 1st Puppet: Dressed as Santa Claus    ==================

Puppet: (Appears) Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas to all!
Ho, Ho, Ho. Mrs Noah said someone wanted to talk to me?

MC: Why yes, I did. Animal (or whatever puppet it is) you certainly
have changed. I didn't recognize at first. You look just like Santa

Puppet: That's right - You got it. I decided to improve myself this
Christmas so I decided I am going to be just like Santa Claus.

MC: What a novel idea! You mean you are going to be Santa Claus
instead of your ornery old self? How nice. I'm really impressed with
you Animal. You are going to give your own money to give presents to
the poor, and be sweet and nice just to bring some happiness in the
lives of boys and girls. That's wonderful!

Puppet: Well not exactly! Sweet and nice nothin', and I ain't gonna
buy any presents with my money for some snotty nose brats. No way. I'm
just going to look like Santa Claus so I can go to parties, be in the
parade and on TV. Everybody is going to love me!  I'm going to be the
most important person at Christmas!!!

MC: (The MC scolds him for his attitude and making changes on the
outside just to try and be popular. He sends him back down into the

MC: I wonder who else Mrs Noah will send up to talk to us.

2nd Puppet: Dressed like a Christmas Tree 

Puppet: Appears dressed like a Christmas Tree.

MC: Oh my goodnes, my goodness. Look at you _______ (puppet's name).
What are you doing all dressed up like a Christmas Tree?

Puppet: Well, I decided that I wanted to be a brand new person this
Christmas. What better way is there than doing what we do to evergreen
trees - we decorate them to look beautiful. So now I'm beautiful!

MC: Oh, I see. You wanted to dress up like a Christmas Tree, but I
don't get it. Why a Christmas Tree?

Puppet: I think the Christmas tree is the most beautiful thing about
Christmas. Decked out with lights, ribbons, and ornaments, then placed
in the most prominent place in the livingroom for everybody to see.
Then everybody puts presents under the tree and they sit around and
sing songs to me. I will really be very popular.

MC: (At this point the MC scolds him for his lack of humility and for
having forgotten that Jesus came as a baby in a lowly manger. We
should want all the attention at Christmas that is Christ's rightful

3rd Puppet: Dressed as a Christmas Bell 
(a cardboard bell an a hole for his face) 

MC: Oh no, not another one!  It seems we have an Ark full of animals
trying to be the center of attention this Christmas.

Puppet: No sir, I am not like the others. I have been transformed. I'm
not just showing off.

MC: Well, I don't get it. Why are you dressed up like a Christmas
Bell? Isn't a bell pretty loud and won't that draw attention?

Puppet: Loud, no! I think the bell has a beautiful sound.And I want to
make beautiful music at Christmas.  A bell reminds me of the anjos who
sang at Jesus birth and the happiness that brought to the shepherds
and everyone who heard the music. I want to bring happiness to others
at Christmas!

MC: Wow! What a great idea!  I like this one!

Puppet: Also a bell reminds me of the GOOD NEWS that Jesus came into
the world to save us from our sins. Jesus gave the very best present
anyone could want. He gives us everlasting life!  I want to be like
the angels that announced that good news to everyone.

MC: Why, that is wonderful!  You know the bell also reminds me of
church bells that call people to worship Jesus at church during the
Christmas holidays.

Puppet: Can I ring my bell now?  I want to sing a Christmas song for
the boys and girls.

MC: You certainly can - Go right ahead. Perhaps you can teach it to
the boys and girls here today.

Puppet: (Sings "Come On Ring Those Bells") 

MC: (Closes by thanking this last puppet then directing the closing
remarks to the children so that they know that just dressing up on the
outside and changing the way we look can never change our hearts.
Jesus came to enter our hearts and give us a real song - inside. Lead
the children in a prayer to receive Jesus into their hearts.


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