Practical Considerations

1. Identify Your Flock

Not everyone can handle a large flock. That is why Moses directed to put people in charge of 10s, 50s, 100s, and 1000s.
Start Small
You probably can't handle a thousand yet, and probably a hundred would be overwhelming. So let's start with smaller numbers. Let's all begin with the smallest denominator for a flock - JUST THREE. Whether that three be three families or three individual let's clearly define our responsibility. Some of you may have more experience and can handle shepherding FIVE families, or five individuals. Others can handle TEN. Whatever your case load start with just THREE. It is manageable!

Natural Bridges
It may be your Sunday school class, Bible study group, or some new families in the church. We are not going to "assign" you a flock. We want you to choose your own flock. That way it is your choice, not ours. It is what God has put in your heart, not us putting that responsibility in you lap.

Congregation Lists
Use the church list we have prepared to peruse the names prayerfully. Let's do as the elders do and go through the list together making commentary as we go. God will highlight certain people to your heart. He will assign you a burden for them.

Targeted List
As you go through the church list make your own list of potential members of your flock. That is wherever the Lord prompts you with a concern or burden for a name or family write it down. Keep this list to 10 families or individuals. It is from this target list that you will prayerfully select 3 that will become your flock for the year. Be careful to be honest with your own heart. Can you build a relationship with this family or person? Are you willing to go the extra mile to do so? Do you already have some common thread that draws you to them?

Write Them Down
It is always good to formalize this assignment before God. A covenant with God should be written. It should be something like this.

Lord, today _________________ (date), I sense your call to be involved in the spiritual wellbeing of the following people.
  1. _____________________ (name, address, telephone)
  2. _____________________ (name, address, telephone)
  3. _____________________ (name, address, telephone)
I will commit myself to meet regularly with my prayer partner, to pray regularly for and with these people, make and build a friendship with them, and to work to enfold them into the larger body of Christ through hospitality and fellowship.

Add more if the Lord directs you.