Practical Considerations

5. Practice Hospitality

Practice makes perfect.
You are not perfect yet, and neither am I, so we have to start where we are. Start small and begin slowly. I find the only way to get things done is to schedule it on my calendar. Make it a planned event. Join with your prayer and ministry partner(s) and do it together with them it that helps.

Plan your work, and work your plan! Plan the next three months at least. Every three months set up a new calendar. Review with your accountability partner on how well your did. Then try again for another three months.

Think and Do
Think of hospitality events and encounters, that are natural and comfortable for you. It could be scheduling for a breakfast, lunch, or coffee time together. Maybe its playing a round of golf together, bowling, going to a ball game, or a game night at someone's house. Use what works for you.

Keep is simple.
The idea of hospitality is to be friendly and informal, not to impress them with your house or table settings. Most of us live in simple homes. Even if your home is not a simple homey house it can be when you invite someone over. (You do invite people over, don't you?)