Practical Considerations

2. Choose a Prayer Partner

No man is an island, no man stands alone.
Even Elijah and Moses learned the hard way that loners are not God's way. Find at least one other person who is willing to be your prayer and accountability partner. (See our Prayer Partner and Accountability Guide) Covenant together your prayer time - at least once each week. Remember God's principle that two are better than one, and three are even better.

Look for Three
A threefold cord is not easily broken. That prayer partner and ministry friend may not be in the church shepherding group. It may be someone who is not a shepherd but who cares enough to consistently meet with you for prayer. Three people make a triangle, like Moses, Aaron, and Hur. A prayer triangle is stronger than just two people. Two is OK, but three is even better.

If you are an shepherd you might want to look for another shepherd to partner with, since you share the same or similar ministry concerns. If you are a teacher you might want to team up with another teacher or two. Sometimes the best thing to do is to enlist another prayer warrior who is not a shepherd. It exposes them to the shepherd's heart. They may find they really are shepherd, but just lack interpersonal skills.

A Word of Caution
Prayer partners should be of the same sex. Praying together is private and often a transparent and intimate setting where emotions, thoughts, and cares are shared freely. Too many believers have fallen into sin by building an intimate relationship with a well-meaning member of the opposite sex.