Practical Considerations
3. Choose a Prayer Strategy
Remember, this is the most important thing you can do for and with your flock. Schedule prayer! Pray for them regularly. It may be every day, or three times a week, but be regular. Make it a routine, a habit, an cycle.

Pray Alone
You may already have a prayer discipline and praying for your flock will fit naturally into that. If not, you will need to assign a time for yourself to pray for them. Jesus said, "Enter into your "closet" and shut the door." Find a quiet time and place where you can pray. It does not need to be a long period of time. But do it consistently. Some have found that lunch time at work is ideal. Just steal away from everyone for 5-6 minutes every noon hour, or three times a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Pray With Prayer Partner
This should be done weekly at a pre-determined time. Be consistent. Don't be changing the time and place from week to week. I guarantee it won't work that way!

Plan a Prayer Retreat
Every third of fourth month try planning a prayer get-away. It could be an all Sunday afternoon in the woods, an all day Saturday at a retreat center, and overnight trip to a cabin in the woods. Use that time to bathe your flock in prayer.

Be Alert for Opportunities To Pray With Your Sheep
I have made a personal commitment not to tell people that I am going to pray for them with actually stopping right then and there (wherever, on the street, on the phone, in the church foyer) to pray WITH THEM. Where possible and advisable I lay a hand on their shoulder while I pray with them. That is a powerful experience for you and them. Don't miss out on it!