Herding or Shepherding

Sheep Are Different
Chicken coops...rabbit hutches...pig pens...cattle stalls... horse stables...fish tanks...

Sheep Need Flocks
Sheep need flocks, not cages, hutches, pens, stalls, or tanks. The flock helps to keep the sheep safe, comfortable, warm, fed, and gives a feeling of belonging. Sheep like to be together.

Sheep Are Different
God knew that and that is why he use the sheep as an illustration of human beings. "All we like sheep have gone astray." Sheep wander. Sheep get lost. Sheep are stupid when it comes to directions, and what to eat.

Sheep Are Helpless and Defenseless
They are stupid about direction, what to eat, where to eat. They can't cross a turbulent stream to get to good pasture. They get sick easily and need constant care. Treat your sheep like babies, helpless and weak, for that is what most of them are.

Sheep Are Shy
Sheep wonít naturally chase after you. They wonít come when you call. They will basically ignore you. You donít exist in their world. You are nobody. You have no reason to approach them except, as a stranger, to possibly harm them.

Sheep Are Naturally Distrustful
Donít expect immediate results as a shepherd. A shepherdís role has to be earned, not just assigned. Sheep will follow you when they get to know you and start to trust you.

Different Strokes for Different Folks
There are 914 different breeds of sheep in the world. Different breeds of sheep grow varying types of wool, require different kinds of pasture.

There are 914 different breeds of sheep in the world.
There are 35 different breeds of sheep in the United States.
There are 27 different kinds of Sheep in Iran.