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Biblical Deacons

What is the difference between an elder and a deacon? Most people don't know. Most assume it doesn't matter - but it does. God ordained that the church should be administered by men of differing gifts and abilities. Both elder and deacon have differing responsibilities, requirements and abilities.
  1. Meaning of the Word, "Deacon"
  2. Interactive Word Studies: "diakonos - diakonia - diakoneo"
  3. Synonyms for the noun "Deacon"
  4. Synonyms for the verb "to Minister"
  5. Biblical Basis for Deacons
  6. Biblical Qualifications for Deacons
  7. 14 Qualifications for Deacons
  8. Relationship of Deacons and Elders
  9. Practical Ministry Teams
  10. Philosophy of Team Ministries
  11. Practical Assignments
  12. Self-Test of Qualifications


One who serves, as distinguished from the master.

  1. Heb. meshereth, applied to an attendant on one of superior rank,
        a. to Joshua, the servant of Moses Ex 33:11
        b. to the servant of Elisha 2Ki 4:43
        c. to attendants at court 2Ch 22:8
        d. to the priests and Levites Jer 33:21 Eze 44:11

  2. Heb. pelah Ezr 7:24 a "minister" of religion. Here used of that class of sanctuary servants called "Solomon's servants" in Ezr 2:55-58 Ne 7:57-60

  3. Greek leitourgos, a subordinate public administrator, and in this sense applied to magistrates Ro 13:6 It is applied also to our Lord Heb 8:2 and to Paul in relation to Christ Ro 15:16

  4. Greek hyperetes (literally, "under-rower"), a personal attendant on a superior, thus of the person who waited on the officiating priest in the synagogue Lu 4:20 It is applied also to John Mark, the attendant on Paul and Barnabas Ac 13:5

  5. Greek diaconos, usually a subordinate officer or assistant employed in relation to the ministry of the gospel, as to:
        a. Paul and Apollos 1Co 3:5
        b. Tychicus Eph 6:21
        c. Epaphras Col 1:7
        d. Timothy 1Th 3:2
        e. Christ Ro 15:8