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"It is estimated that hundreds of pastors leave the ministry every single month."
- Focus on the Family

Ministry Today exists to help churches and pastors refocus on the centrality of Christ and the urgency of personal prayer for the anointing of the Holy Spirit and the tangible manifest presence of God in our worship and preaching.

We coach pastors to renew their calling by returning to Acts 6:4 by setting prayer as the primary responsibility priority of all men of God, even before that of preaching.We do this through a year-long coaching/mentoring relationship in which we teach, train and mentor the pastor on how to make prayer his priority and delight. We believe that as goes the pastorso goes the church. Churches are prayerless because pastors are prayer-weak, if not prayerless themselves.

We teach, train and mentor church congregations to re-learn the disciplines of intimacy in prayer. We do this through intensive month-long program of "Break Through" preaching and hands-on teaching and practical application of prayer principles that have transformed this pastor's life and ministry.

Want to learn more? There are two parts to our "alongside" coaching ministry:

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Jonah Study

Elder Training

Deacon Training

Shepherd Training

sermon series
Sermon Series

Prayer Training

Online Studies