Self Evaluation
    Shepherd Defined
    Disciplines Form

Ministry Tools
 Prayer Partners
 Accountability Partner

Shepherding Principles

Shepherding People

  Lessons from Jethro - (The Lone Ranger)

  Lessons from Aaron & Hur - (Two Are Better)

  Lessons from Jesus - (Lead, Follow, or Move!)

  Lead by Example - (Model Christ)

  Learn From Sheep - (Shepherds Don't Herd)

Shepherd's Tool Box

  The Tool of Compassion - (Love Them)

  The Tool of Prayer - (Carry Them)

  The Tool of Words - (Speak to Them)

  The Tool of God's Word - (Teach Them)

  The Rod and The Staff - (Comfort Them)

Practical Shepherding Strategies

  Define Your Flock

  Choose Your Prayer Partner

  Plan Your Prayer Strategy

  Plan Your Connecting Strategy

  Plan Your Fellowship Strategy